Friday, April 4, 2008

Waited too long....

To start this.


So I've been spending the last several years starting companies, developing products and services and consulting companies, I've learned a lot. I've also enjoyed the transformation of content distribution - I don't read the newspaper (not for about 5 years) I read content online and more and more through blogs.

Does that make my thoughts worth reading? Time will tell. I am excited to begin this journey.

Here's what I promise. I will give you my honest perspective on things, these will largely be web 2.0 focused, but I'll throw other things around now and then.

Who am I? I am a local Seattle kid that hasn't made his millions but has played in the tech game in a unique way. My experiences connect at the intersection of Business Development, Product Marketing, S/W Development, and the Consumer. I'll get into these in greater detail along the way but I find that I play a rare "middle man" role between these areas, maybe its high functioning ADD or some other mental ailment, but I definitely have a unique perspective to offer.

Questions are welcome, comments too. Lets get this show on the road, shall we?

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